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Currently congress is in the process of trying to pass a second Covid-19 Bill.  One of the sticking points holding up the passage of the bill is protection from liability for businesses.  According to the The Conversation, “Senate Republicans’ push to grant companies sweeping immunity from civil liability for failure to adequately protect workers and customers from infection has been one of the key sticking points in negotiations over another coronavirus relief bill. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has warned of an “avalanche” of lawsuits that will stymie economic recovery efforts if Congress does not act quickly. McConnell said he won’t let another bailout pass the Senate unless it also shields companies from coronavirus-related liability.”
Discuss what this law will mean from the perspective of a business, a customer, and an employee.
** two pages and 4 references
Discuss what you have learned in this class and how it will assist you in achieving further professional goals. ( Managing Human Capital )
What was the most valuable concept you learned about in this class?
What enhancements could be made to this class?
**one page two references
Understand the effects of globalization on human resources to better equip organizations for the increasingly global business environment. B. Apply theoretical and practical aspects of human resource management to formulate strategies that will enable organizations to achieve both operational and strategic goals related to the organization’s human capital. C. Understand ethical decisions in human resource management that are in the best interest of the individual, the business, and society as a whole.


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